Menschen sitzen und stehen um einen Tisch herum. Es sieht wie eine Projektarbeit aus.

Crowdfunding instead of credit

Many founders rely on banks and public funding pots to get them started in self-employment. Crowdfunding platforms help to raise the necessary money. At the same time, they publicise the company or project – an added value that should not be underestimated. Whether Startnext, Betterplace, Seedmatch or Crowdfunding Berlin – there are now over 50 […]

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Von Links überreichen zwei Hände nach rechts ein Geschenk in zwei andere Hände. Im Hintergrund funkeln Lichter und das Geschenke hat eine hellrosafarbene Schleife.

The power of giveaways and promotional gifts

The festive season is just around the corner. It’s a good two months until Christmas Eve. And while the fairy lights are already hanging in the trees on Kurfürstendamm and the first people are drinking cinnamon-orange tea instead of green tea, there is an excellent opportunity for start-ups and founders. Those looking to strengthen customer […]

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Frauen reden

Bonus für Berliner Gründerinnen

In a few days it is so far, then can women who have their own want to start a business, apply for targeted support. As of September 25, the program is open to female founders who want to start a commercial enterprise in Berlin. Dann geht der „Gründerinnenbonus“ an den Start. The primary purpose of […]

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Frau sitzt am Schreibtisch, im Hintergrund Kleider an Stange,

Vocational orientation: Aim for self-employment

Studying is an exciting time during which students deepen their knowledge, gain new experience and develop personally. At the same time, it is the phase in which they deal even more intensively with career orientation in order to make a successful transition into the working world. Most universities offer their students assistance with career orientation […]

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The .garage says THANK YOU

A few more days and the year 2022 will be history. It was turbulent, stormy, sometimes exhausting. But also touching and interspersed with wonderful encounters and events in and outside the .garage, which we would like to share with you because they form the basis for what we have planned for the next year. Our […]

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