Hände binden eine Schleife um ein Paket. Daneben liegen Bastelmaterialen.

Every year again: Appreciation

Christmas is fast approaching and if you haven’t made any arrangements yet, you should think about how you can say thank you to your customers at the end of the year as soon as possible. […]

Bühne, drei Spots scheinen auf einen Tänzer, ringsherum ist es schwarz

Making powerful speeches

It doesn’t have to be the lion’s den, but talking about your own product or a topic in a pitch or presentation is a challenge for many founders. As a rule, it is about nothing […]

Frau in Sonnenblumenfeld

Powering out of the summer break

The holidays are over and so is the summer break for many businesses. Here, a break means that everything was shut down a little because customers, suppliers or contractors were also on holiday – so […]

Netzwerk als Grafik

Proper crisis communication

Anyone who runs a company knows that this day X will come when something goes wrong. Either in external or internal communication. No one is protected from being misunderstood, especially in times of social media, […]

What does start-up coaching involve?

If you say it in one sentence, it is: Start-up coaching covers all aspects that are important for successfully founding and running a business. These are quite pragmatic points, such as business plan, target group […]

Frau am Tisch mit Laptop von oben fotografiert

The unpopular acquisition

Hardly any other topic is as significant and at the same time associated with so many partly unpleasant feelings as acquisition. “I can’t sell,” is a standard phrase we hear over and over again in […]

Team am Tisch von oben fotografiert

How do you promote a team?

Being in charge of a team, suddenly being the boss, is new territory for most founders. And not only that – many have worked in structures where the classic “top-down” hierarchy was the order of […]