Powering out of the summer break

Frau in Sonnenblumenfeld

The holidays are over and so is the summer break for many businesses. Here, a break means that everything was shut down a little because customers, suppliers or contractors were also on holiday – so everything was in snooze mode .

However, the last quarter will soon be upon us and founders are faced with the challenge of getting their companies back in the minds of their customers. After a period of recovery and relaxation, it is now time to get business operations back on track. Here we give you some effective strategies on how you can make this transition successfully:

#Personalised communication: Addressing customers or contractors directly always scores points. It is therefore worth sending personalised messages. If you already have data and information about shopping habits, for example, you can use it now. This shows that you care about people and not just numbers.

#New products and offers: Awakening your customers’ curiosity with new products, offers or services after the summer break is sure to bear fruit. Everyone is relaxed, still has a bit of a holiday feeling and is therefore more open than before the holiday, when stress levels are usually high. In general, customers love fresh ideas – they’re a great way to spark curiosity and get people back into buying mode.

Use #storytelling: You’ve already read a lot about storytelling here. It’s always fascinating how you can convince people with a good story. Especially after the summer break, there are plenty of topics – be it a new development in the company or your personal experiences as a founder. Storytelling schafft eine emotionale Verbindung zwischen Dir und Deinen Kund*innen und hinterlässt einen bleibenden Eindruck.

#Actively use social media: Social media platforms are an effective channel to reach customers. Share visually appealing content such as photos or videos of new products, team events or company backgrounds to generate interest.

#Special promotions and discounts: Attract your customers with exclusive discounts or promotions. This not only generates sales, but also encourages customers to talk about your company and attract other potential customers.

#Events and webinars: This point goes hand in hand with the previous one, because you can expand your customer base enormously with events. Therefore: organise events or webinars that offer added value. These can be information events, workshops or networking opportunities that position your company as a knowledge resource. Organising events can be a great way for founders to strengthen their brand, attract customers and position themselves in their industry.

#Reactivate email marketing: Perhaps you already send out a regular newsletter. However, email campaigns are also possible to inform your customers about your return from the summer break. Make sure that the message is relevant and appealing in order to achieve a high open and click rate.

#Show gratitude: Gratitude is not only a game changer in the business world. Those who express gratitude value life. So show gratitude to your customers too. For example, for their loyalty. You can also do this via the newsletter or emails. Or in analogue form.

#Maintain consistency: Alongside all the changes and innovations, it is still important to maintain a certain consistency. Consistency creates trust and shows that you are still reliable. That’s what your customers expect from you.

Conclusion: The transition from the summer break back to business operations is sometimes a little bumpy and requires a strategic approach. By focusing on personalised communication, creative marketing strategies and building customer relationships as a founder, you can ensure that your company remains in the minds of customers even after the break.

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