“Nothing is as constant as change.” (Heraclit)

“Since 2006, we have been coaching people who want to start their own business or change their career and realise their potential, both online and at our offices in Berlin. We look forward to working with you and to new collaborations. #Change #Development #Future #Meaning”

Off on a hero’s journey!

We help people
start meaningful businesses.

Start your business with start-up coaching.

Individual, one-to-one, also online

Andersberater:innen is the perfect institution for starting a business in Berlin. We offer a wide range of services to help you get your business off the ground: from finding a good business idea to developing a business model, learning effective strategies and creating a business plan. Our goal is to support you on your journey to startup and success.

Because we are a certified company and co-operate with all employment agencies and job centers in Berlin and Brandenburg, the costs for your coaching can be fully covered by an AVGS (Arbeits- und Vermittlungsgutschein).

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Career Coaching

holistic, one-to-one, meaningful, also online

The ANDERSBERATER:INNEN offer you various modules of individual coaching in which you define and advance your personal and professional goals. Together we will develop a strengths profile that will help you to present and act with confidence in job application situations. With the help of proven coaching strategies, our coaches activate, expand and consolidate your personal core competencies for a clear positioning on the study or job market.

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Team coaching

Holistic, future-oriented, meaningful

Are you looking for a way to improve your team’s performance and build a stronger, more cohesive unit? Then you’ve come to the right place at ANDERSBERATER:INNEN. We offer customized coaching and development programs designed to help your team reach its full potential.

Our team of experienced coaches will work with you to identify areas of improvement and help you implement processes and strategies to achieve set goals. We also offer team-building exercises and activities that will further strengthen the bond between team members.

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