AVGS means Activation and Placement Voucher. You receive this voucher from an Employment Agency or a Job Centre. With this AVGS, your coaching is free of charge.

Technically, you don’t need a business plan to set up a company, but it is still highly recommended. It will give you a good idea of your plans and chances of success. Additionally, you will need a business plan if you want to receive the Gründungszuschuss (start-up grant) and the Einstiegsgeld (start-up grant for former unemployed).

Yes, there are. It depends on where and what you want to do and your professional history. There are hundreds of funding sources you can get. The most common form of support is the Gründungszuschuss (start-up grant) and the Einstiegsgeld (start-up grant for former unemployed).

With the Einstiegsgeld (start-up grant for former unemployed), you receive an amount equivalent to your unemployment benefit 1, for six months, as well as an additional €300 subsidy for your health insurance. You can find more information on the Gründungszuschuss (start-up grant) here >> >>

If you are still entitled to unemployment benefit 1 for at least 150 days, you can receive Einstiegsgeld (start-up grant for former unemployed). You do not have a legal claim to this grant, but you can submit a certificate of viability for your start-up project.

Yes, we are a certified coaching company and are authorized to issue certificates of viability.

Yes, we do career counseling and always consider both professional and personal aspects to all our coaching. more information on >>

Doubts are normal and healthy. We have a particular module that deals precisely with choosing between self-employment or continuing to be employed more >>

In all areas, we have coaches who can coach in English.

All our coaching sessions take place on a one-to-one basis, so you are free to make appointments with your respective coach on your own schedule. Here are our coaches >>.

No, most coaches also offer their coaching online.

A coaching session lasts 45 minutes and costs €100. With an AVGS (Arbeits- und Vermittlungsgutschein), the costs of coaching are covered.

If you receive ALG1 or ALG2, your nationality is not a factor so you can get an AVGS in this circumstance. Further information >>

There are many people who do not have to speak German at work in Germany. Nevertheless, language skills are beneficial. We have created a special module in which a video clip job application is filmed to stand out without speaking German well. Further information >>

First, you must identify whether an official permit is required to implement the business idea. As a rule, this does not apply to (>> freelance professions). For trade, it is not uncommon to need the appropriate authorization from various authorities. While setting up a business, it is necessary to determine what legal form the business will later have. An application is required for all legal forms. While trades usually must be registered with the Trade Licensing Office, freelancers must apply for a tax number to the competent tax office. We have experts for these questions who can tell you precisely what you need to do to set up your business.

Yes, we now work online to a large extent and our clients come from all over Germany. If you would like to apply for an AVGS, it is best to make sure that the “online” option is generally permitted.

With or without a business idea, you can come to us however you are and wherever you are. We will support you and clear the darkness, make a breakthrough or find a way forward. Our speciality is finding solutions and most of the time we succeed.

It is good to have a strategy if it works. Often it doesn’t and that can be for very different reasons. A strategy is also very closely connected to you as a personality and your motives. An abstract strategy is often cold and ineffective, we help you to make it alive and effective.