Do you finally want to live up to your full potential? And do you believe that your values also make sense for our society? Whether they lead you to start a business or to your dream job, the main thing is that you work and live differently: better and happier. You need support in several areas.

Then we would like to welcome you. A good team of coaching specialists is ready for you with the ANDERSBERATER:INNEN. We analyse your potential with you and advise you on all the necessary steps to develop it sustainably and holistically. We are always respectful and communicate on an equal footing. With decades of experience, especially in the social economy.

How we support you specifically with your topic:

Before we start, take your time to tell us what you are actually interested in. Of course, there will still be lots of unanswered questions. That’s why you’re with us. Step by step, you will gain more clarity: thanks to your customised roadmap. This includes the most effective methods from the coaching of potential development, application training and marketing including design and text as well as holistic business consulting including business plan preparation and tax and legal basics. You can also rely on the expertise of experienced managers.

The best thing about it:

Only the specialists you really need are selected for you. And since you are the expert of your life, you naturally have a say in the decision. As a certified training provider (also AVGS), we work exclusively with well-trained trainers who are passionate about their field and convincingly coach their method. And yet we all have one thing in common: we love making people happier.