Meaningful Businesses

If you were to ask our clients about their experience with and in the ANDERSBERATER_ININNEN, you might notice a few unusual things they will say about us. Almost all our clients who had start-up coaching or career coaching felt “really seen” – as a unique person with a unique fingerprint. We understand you, and work with you to see through a different lens. This is what we call awareness. With awareness, you are closer to yourself; you can see clearer, act more effectively, and make good decisions for yourself as a “whole” person.

Thinking and working holistically is in our DNA. With this attitude, we accompany you through your growth – whether you want career orientation, finding a fulfilling job, starting your own business, or becoming self-employed.

We also look at things surrounding you: Contexts, shadows, passions, ideas that have faded, dreams, people around you, and much more. All these are valuable keystones to understand how to help you grow.

This means that before we address topics like “writing a job application or business plan”, we work with your unique keystones and try to rearrange them in harmony. From our point of view, this is a fundamental process and a solid basis to pave a meaningful way into the next stage of your life.
Perhaps the best comes at the end.

Whether you are a founder, want to become a founder, or are facing a new career change, we are by your side and will do the best we can. Since we respond to the needs of each of our clients personally, we work exclusively in the form of individual coaching. We also do not follow any pattern regarding the selection and analysis of the content, as we understand all our clients stand on such different grounds.

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(Of course, you will only meet experienced, well-trained coaches and consultants. As a certified company, we work with all JobCenters and employment agencies. As a result, we welcome AVGS (Arbeits- und Vermittlungsgutschein).

Meaningful businesses are our motivation.