Interview with founder Akke Visschers

andersberater:innen: Hello Akke, you have started your own business. In which area?

I made a new start with my jewellery and accessories label AKKESOIR almost 2 years ago.

andersberater:innen: How did you get involved?

After taking a break from AKKESOIR for a few years, I really missed my own label, the creative side. The longing grew and so I started again.

andersberater:innen: How are things going for you?

It’s going well. My collections are well received and my label is becoming increasingly visible. Of course, there are ups and downs to self-employment, but it is a challenge I am happy to take on.

andersberater:innen: How important is self-realisation to you in your work?

Very important. There is a lot of me in my creations. My jewellery is my creative expression and it gives me great pleasure to design it.

andersberater:innen: What have been your biggest challenges so far and how have you overcome them?

The biggest challenge in the initial phase is the financial aspect. As a self-employed person, you often don’t have a secure income like an employee. This is not always easy. I master this challenge with a mindset of trust and reliability. It is a constant learning process, combined with falling and getting up. Acceptance and perseverance help me the most. Sport also helps me to clear my head and start the day feeling energised.

andersberater:innen What goals have you set yourself?

My aim is to grow healthily and continuously and to make people happy with my creations.

andersberater:innen: Which work did you overestimate and which did you underestimate?

I sometimes underestimated the number of tasks. There is always a lot to do and the to-do lists often don’t get any shorter, prioritising and getting help, for example with production or promoting IG content or SEO optimisation, is important. And I can’t think of anything I’ve overestimated. Sometimes there are little things that I get stuck on, but which are not so important in hindsight.

andersberater:innen: How do you motivate yourself when things aren’t going so well?

Accepting that less good times are part of it helps me a lot. I trust that things will get better and that I will always find a solution to a problem. Not giving up and not putting yourself under too much pressure is also important. The thought that it has worked before also motivates me.

andersberater:innen: Have there been any setbacks or disappointments?

Yes, and there will always be small downs. That is part of it and is important because you can learn from these experiences. There were problems with a production or some items that did not arrive as I had hoped. In return, there are also ups when items sell out very quickly and I receive positive feedback from customers.

andersberater:innen: What tips would you give other founders?

You should be sure that you really want to be self-employed and that you are passionate about it. You shouldn’t start a business without this desire, because you really need the drive. A quote that I love is: “When desire is greater than fear, courage is born; One does not set out without longing” (Rainer Maria Rilke). You should also be well prepared. The support of coaches, like at Andersberater:innen, helped me a lot. You should expect that it will not always be easy, especially at the beginning. You will have to put in a lot of time and work, even when others are off. It is also important not to give up quickly and to have a positive mindset. Independence means constant personal responsibility. In return, you are your own boss and have freedoms that you wouldn’t otherwise have.

andersberater:innen: If you had a wish. What would you wish for?

In general, I hope that the world situation will improve. It is a challenging time, characterised by wars, a shift to the right and environmental problems; Of course, all of this also has an impact on us as individuals, our consumer behaviour and our mood. Specifically, I hope that AKKESOIR continues to develop well and that I can make more and more people happy with my creations.

Dear Akke, thank you very much for the interview.