Every year again: Appreciation

Hände binden eine Schleife um ein Paket. Daneben liegen Bastelmaterialen.

Christmas is fast approaching and if you haven’t made any arrangements yet, you should think about how you can say thank you to your customers at the end of the year as soon as possible. And not just to customers – appreciation towards suppliers and service providers should also be on the to-do list for the last few days of the year.

Good companies have long known that showing sincere gratitude not only strengthens existing business relationships, but also creates a positive basis for future cooperation. It doesn’t have to be an expensive bottle of champagne to express your gratitude – there are plenty of creative and inexpensive ideas for thanking customers and suppliers at the end of the year. We have collected a few for you.

Creative appreciation

Handwritten thank you cards: A simple but personal gesture that is often overlooked. Take the time to write handwritten thank you cards and send them by post. Let them know how much you appreciate the collaboration or how happy you are to have XY as a customer. And that you are looking forward to continuing to work with us in the coming year.

Small gifts with a big impact: Think about whether it is still possible or within your budget to send small gifts that have a personal touch. These could be handmade treats, individually printed calendars or practical office supplies, although they shouldn’t come from a large office delivery service.

Digital appreciation

Digital thank you notes: In today’s digital world, you can of course also send thank you notes by email or via social media. Create appealing graphics or short videos to express your appreciation.

Customer and supplier features: Social media is a great way to express gratitude and support other companies at the same time. Use them to recognize special customers and suppliers. For example, post short thank you notes, stories or quotes that highlight your special collaboration. This not only creates a positive atmosphere, but also gives your business partners public recognition.

Online reviews and recommendations: Write positive reviews for your suppliers or offer to write recommendations for your customers. This costs nothing, but shows appreciation and strengthens the business relationship.

Analog appreciation

Participation in events: Local events and markets offer a great opportunity to thank customers and suppliers in person. Think about whether you can perhaps organize a small meeting or a stand where you can hand out thank-you cards in person or simply exchange ideas. Alternatively, you can of course consider at which events you might meet customers – the Entrepreneurship Summit, for example, is a good opportunity for founders or other entrepreneurial network meetings/regulars’ tables.

#Free training courses or webinars: This is an idea that definitely offers added value for everyone. An idea that not only shows your appreciation, but also promotes customer loyalty. And in the end, it may even grow into a new line of business.

Spotify is leading the way and showing all users their own personal review of the year. Perhaps this is also possible in your business. Of course, you can also combine a review of the year with an outlook for the future. This shows transparency and strengthens trust.

And remember: it’s not necessarily the financial value of the thank you that counts, but the gesture, the thought and the effort that goes into the expression of gratitude. It would be a shame not to take this opportunity to deepen relationships and appreciate those who support your business.

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