Entrepreneurship Summit 2023

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Under the motto “DISCOVER YOUR POTENTIAL // CARE FOR NATURE // TUNE IN WITH THE MARKET” will take place at the 21. and 22. october this year’s Entrepreneurship Summit will take place in Berlin.

“Yes, we have the chance to create a better world. More loving, more sensitive than would ever have been possible before. But we have to do it ourselves, step into the ring ourselves, do it ourselves. Let’s take action. As self-aware entrepreneurs, frugal but sustainable. Modest, in terms of resource consumption. Ambitious about what constitutes a happy life.” With these words, Professor Dr. Faltin once again invites founders to the Henry Ford Building of Freie Universität Berlin.

Entrepreneurs can look forward to contributions from Prof. Dr. Werner Sobek, Prof. Dr. Günter Faltin, Prof. Dr. Tania Singer, Prof. Dr. Michael Richter, Prof. Dr. Gerald Hüther, Prof. Dr. Harald Welzer, Günes Seyfarth, to keynotes, workshops, impulse groups, discussion rounds and, as always, with over 1000 participants, to many informal encounters and personal conversations.

The focus this year will be on change and how we can manage better, use fewer resources and therefore produce less waste. Less is more.

As always, there are almost countless opportunities to expand your knowledge, showcase your business and network. The Entrepreneurship Summit is one of the largest meeting places for founders and those who want to become one.

But, as also noted on the website, it’s not just about listening, it’s also about pitching in and getting involved. There are workshops to help you quickly put what you’ve learned into action. In addition, you will get the opportunity to pitch your start-up ideas to experienced female founders and thus receive valuable feedback. Over 100 keynote speakers will share their knowledge with you: from founders for founders. The Entrepreneurship Summit as the starting signal for an exciting start-up adventure.

And as a special highlight, ten founders will have the opportunity to carry out the first proof of concept (market test): They can pitch their product in front of over 1000 participants and win their first customers. So it’s definitely worth it. And maybe you will meet someone from the Andersberater:innen.