Frau in rotem Overall putzt den Schreibtisch

A tidy start to the new year

For all those who are not going on vacation but can still take time off, the time “between the years” is the ideal time to tidy up. After all, a tidy start to the new […]


Self-employed in Germany

Being self-employed is more and more horror. Borderline workloads, minimal earnings margins, precarious living conditions, bureaucratic and legal hurdles – whether you’re a carpenter, an influencer or an editor – Germany is having a hard […]

Frau lehnt mit dem Kopf an einer Betonwand

Naming a company

Namensfindung – nicht nur bei werdenden Eltern löst sie heiße Diskussionen oder Panik aus. Auch bei Gründungen gehört dieser Prozess mit zu den wichtigsten. After all, the name is the figurehead. The name is part […]

Frau sitzt am Schreibtisch, im Hintergrund Kleider an Stange,

Vocational orientation: Aim for self-employment

Studying is an exciting time during which students deepen their knowledge, gain new experience and develop personally. At the same time, it is the phase in which they deal even more intensively with career orientation […]

Bundeswirtschaftsminister Robert Habeck, die Beauftrage der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien, Claudia Roth und der Parlamentarische Staatssekretär und Ansprechpartner der Bundesregierung für die Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaft Michael Kellner beim Rundgang durch die Stände der Titelträger*innen. ©Christina Czybik, bundesfoto GbR

Creative entrepreneurs wanted

This year, entrepreneurs from the cultural and creative industries will once again have the opportunity to apply for the Kultur- und Kreativpilot*innen Deutschland award. This is determined annually by theFederal Ministry for Economic Affairs and […]

drei Nischen in einer Holzwand und in einer sind Würfel

Find your niche.

Anyone founding a company in a market segment where there are many competitors should consider whether there is a niche that can be filled. Those who find this niche for themselves have the chance to […]

Mann von hinten schaut auf Tafel mit Zetteln, Gründer, Gründer*innen

Skills of successful founders

Is there such a thing as a founder gene? Do founders somehow have an invisible superpower? Certainly not, but there are some characteristics that help founders to become successful. We have often described concrete challenges […]

Ein Mann schreibt SEO Punkte auf eine Glasscheibe.

Let’s get to work on the SEO!

Although Web2.0 has been with us for so long now, for many the search engine optimisation of their site is enigmatic. Some claim that they don’t need such a thing, that their acquisition is through […]

Draufsicht auf Supermarktstände, Verkaufsstrategie

Sales strategy – the art of seduction

I’m sure you’ve been there too: You go into a shop and although you only wanted to look, you ended up buying something. Maybe even something that is actually too expensive. Many shops or even […]