The .garage says THANK YOU


A few more days and the year 2022 will be history. It was turbulent, stormy, sometimes exhausting. But also touching and interspersed with wonderful encounters and events in and outside the .garage, which we would like to share with you because they form the basis for what we have planned for the next year.

Our Weekly with OKR

Since the beginning of 2022, we have been working in the .garage with Weekly and the Orga method OKR. The abbreviation OKR stands for “Objectives and Key Results”. and is a management method that connects the goals of the teams and employees with those of the company. With this method, we succeeded in significantly improving the team feeling and achieving certain goals better and faster. In addition, we were able to become more aware of the intentions of the company .garage. The advantage for you: Because we work with the method ourselves, you as founder:in profit from it twice. With our clarity, we can advise you well and, if necessary, you can get to know the method yourself in the coaching.

Digital solutions for our company

With the introduction of the tool Coach2talk, born out of the Corona crisis, we took the step from face-to-face coaching to virtual coaching. This had the advantage for our founders that appointments could take place despite the pandemic. Overall, it made our work more digital, although Coach2talk was only a transition for us. The tool cannot reflect the .garage approach, which is characterised by a set of coaches that we build around a client. Coach2talk is more for one-to-one coaching sessions. Therefore, we are now working with our own solution supported by Microsoft Teams.

Google my business reviews

The Google my Business reviews encourage us very much and give us a lot of pleasure. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much. When you read something like that:

“I have been richly blessed.”
“I got so much more from you than I expected.”
“With you I felt really seen”,

then it motivates us to stay on the ball ambitiously and to continue working at this level. And it lifts our spirits when things don’t go so well.

What else was going on

In addition to all this, there were some events in 2022 at which we were present and which reinforced our credo “small and fine/class instead of mass”. At the fair for creative people in Neukölln, for example, it was reflected to us that we are the ideal provider when it comes to bringing the full creative potential to the street.

Through university contacts, we are present with lectures and workshops in the events of the TU-Berlin and the htw. The focus there is on smart business concepts and sharing business models. It is a great pleasure to be able to exchange ideas about entrepreneurship with other people (teachers and students) here as well. We love the spirit of optimism that lives in such events.

Cooperation instead of competition

Something we always like to tell our founders is that competitors don’t necessarily have to be competitors. It is much better to discover cooperation potential together and thus get the best out of it for clients. One cooperation that has borne fruit for us for many years is the one with the Entrepreneurship Foundation. Whether annually at the Entrepreneurship Summit or in other formats – this is where what we communicate lives and hopefully also beyond 2023.

But now we say goodbye for the time being. But not without wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you for your loyalty. Stay in touch with us and we will be back with full power in January for you and for everyone who wants to start a new business.

Your .garage team