Bonus für Berliner Gründerinnen

Frauen reden

In a few days it is so far, then can women who have their own want to start a business, apply for targeted support. As of September 25, the program is open to female founders who want to start a commercial enterprise in Berlin. Dann geht der „Gründerinnenbonus“ an den Start. The primary purpose of the founders’ bonus is to increase the proportion of women in start-ups and companies.

The figures show that this is important. Currently, only one in three commercial enterprises is founded by a woman; among the mostly technology-oriented start-ups, the share is around 20 percent. This problem has existed for years. But only now are attempts being made to counter this fact with targeted support programs. Specifically, this means that the Senate has launched the so-called “Opportunity Fund.” A pot that includes seven million euros and combines a variety of new or existing support, consulting and financing programs.


One program from the Opportunity Fund is the “Founders’ Bonus”, for which 500,000 euros have been budgeted until the end of the year. Next year, the pot will be filled with one million euros. This sum is then to be made available annually. Companies in which women are the majority shareholders or in which women hold a majority stake are eligible to apply for this bonus.

Under the leadership of Berlin’s Senator for Economic Affairs Franziska Giffey, however, this bonus will not be the only one in the future. Together with players from the startup ecosystem, the Senate Department for Economic Affairs, Energy and Operations has decided on further measures to increase the proportion of female founders and entrepreneurs in Berlin. These include:

  • An increased master craftswoman start-up premium for women in trades in which they are underrepresented. Female master craftsmen will then receive a bonus of 5,000 euros in addition to the standard 10,000 euros.
  • Consulting and coaching services of the Gründerinnenzentrale
  • The Founders’ Scholarship, which is already funded with around 1 million euros and awarded via the startup incubator GRACE. From 2024, a further call for funding will specifically address project sponsors whose task is to accompany and support female founders.
  • Regular business administration startup roundtable with players from the startup ecosystem.

Step in the right direction

In an interview, Senator Giffey emphasized that the bonus for female founders would help “improve equal opportunities for female and male entrepreneurs.” Giffey told the assembled participants at the round table that she already suspects that one or the other will criticize the targeted support for women as unfair or discriminatory. That remains to be seen.

A total of EUR 7 million has been earmarked for the entire package of measures in the 2024/2025 double budget.

If you would like to learn more, you can find all the programs for founders that are currently offered in Berlin under this link. Among other things, this includes the starter allowance, which was developed specifically for people who want to start their own business from the position of a job seeker.

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