The power of giveaways and promotional gifts

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The festive season is just around the corner. It’s a good two months until Christmas Eve. And while the fairy lights are already hanging in the trees on Kurfürstendamm and the first people are drinking cinnamon-orange tea instead of green tea, there is an excellent opportunity for start-ups and founders. Those looking to strengthen customer loyalty and increase brand awareness should give their business a boost during the holiday season by harnessing the power of giveaways, promotional messages and gifts.

Strengthen customer loyalty

Anyone who runs a company knows that Christmas gifts are not just for family and friends, but also for customers and business partners. Whether it’s a personalized card or a gift, these gifts are a surprise and show how much the support or customer relationship is appreciated. Whether it’s a personalized gift or a small token of appreciation, the aim is always to create an emotional bond and thus promote loyalty to your own brand.

Increase brand awareness

In addition, the Christmas season offers a unique opportunity to anchor the brand in the minds of potential customers. This can be achieved by providing creatively designed promotional gifts with a logo or a specially created advertising message. This ensures that the message is remembered. Printed mugs or customized calendars are good advertising media. But basically, the possibilities are endless and with a few good ideas, you can quickly put your brand in the spotlight.

Promote word of mouth with giveaways

Especially when there is no response to a gift (which often happens), many people ask themselves why they are doing it at all. Why spend money? Because an unexpected gift or small gesture of appreciation (not just at Christmas time) can encourage customers to talk about their positive experience with the company. Some may share it on their social media channels or talk about the giveaway at the next get-together with friends. Either way, small gifts offer the opportunity to increase the reach of your message.

Strengthening relationships with business partners

What applies to customers is also important for business partners and suppliers. They deserve no less attention, as they are often the ones who maintain processes and thus play a decisive role in the success of a start-up, for example. That’s why a well-thought-out business gift can strengthen relationships and/or create the basis for future collaboration.

Show creativity and originality

In any case, the important thing is to show creativity and originality, and not the 100th time. expensive but unimaginative bottle of wine on the table of the recipient. Whether for customers or business partners – come up with something! A unique gift or a special advertising message is remembered and sets your brand apart from the competition. In the end, it’s about showing joy and gratitude for the connection. And now is the best time to think about it.

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