Planning into the unknown

In turbulent times, it is difficult to make plans. We show how it can still be done.

Everywhere you look, there is uncertainty. No one really knows what the future holds. Will the war in Ukraine end soon? Is the economy recovering from the Corona years? What are the effects of the climate crisis? And how does it all affect my happiness, my business and my wallet?

Paradoxical as it may sound, especially in such uncertain times, the best thing to do is to plan. Not because it creates an absolute guarantee, but because it helps to shift from the diffuse and what may be worrying us to more clarity and thus also to a sense of control. Self-efficacy is the magic word. Instead of surrendering to powerlessness, you act yourself.

Planning with confidence

That’s all well and good, you might think. What good is that if you can’t rely on anything? Yes, that is the crux of the matter: at this point you need something like trust in advance. Even if this sounds absurd at first and you can think of at least three reasons why it can’t work. With advance confidence you prepare the ground. It creates a positive mood and we all know that a good mood is the basis for creative planning. In an end-time mood it is difficult to see solutions.

Acceptance and tolerance

Of course we want to be perfect and do everything right. Anticipate the best business strategies, smell the super deal long before it is visible and never miss an opportunity. Unfortunately, this concept rarely works in turbulent times. That’s why it helps to take it down a notch and not to expect genius from yourself or others. We all have a lot to deal with at the moment, so small steps are the better choice in stormy times. Accepting this in turn releases energy that can be put to good use.

Plan courageously

Isn’t that a contradiction? First I’m supposed to downshift and now I’m supposed to be brave again?
No, that only looks like a contradiction at first glance. On the second, it reveals a space of possibility. Especially in uncertain times, opportunities often arise. Often, new business areas emerge in such phases or customers rethink, for example focusing more on sustainability or on alternatives to common products. Those who are prepared and show courage at such points, i.e. who are also prepared to take a risk, can certainly profit. Especially in crises, those who are open to new things and break through rigid concepts are needed.

Balance and mindfulness

Uncertain times naturally also offer a lot of potential for stress. It helps to maintain a certain amount of composure and to pay attention to the right balance between tension and relaxation. Mindfulness is the key to this – mindfulness towards oneself and also towards the environment in which one moves. Strictly speaking, in many situations you need both: to be ready to jump, but also to give yourself permission to withdraw. Checking the relationship now and then and correcting it if necessary should become a ritual for you. Then you will surely be able to cope well with the tense times we are living in right now.

Beitragsbild: ©Wokandapix auf Pixabay

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