Thank you three times!

Jemand packt eine kleine Karte mit der Aufschrift Than you, danke, in einen Umschlag. Man sieht allerdings nur die Hände.

Dear founders, dear friends of Andersberater*innen! Nobody needs to be told that 2023 was a year full of changes and challenges. We also had the odd high or low, but it was far more important to observe what was happening around us. How global and regional crises are increasing and impacting the economy in our country. And, of course, to you, dear founders.

It is clear that this country needs you. Even if politics is still lagging behind this idea, we see every day in our work with you what an enormous resource you are for the economy and the success of society. Today we want to say thank you for this – something that we should actually trumpet to the world every day:

Thank you for your courage!

Without you and your great ideas, the economy and success would stagnate in many places. Moreover, there is hardly anything more inspiring than a person who sets out with a new idea. Someone who overcomes all the hurdles they encounter. Precisely because we live in a world in which reactionary ideas that do not solve a single problem are suddenly back in vogue, we need your innovative or sustainable solutions.

Thank you for your perseverance!

Setting out on your own in these times and taking the plunge into self-employment is, of course, a bit of a suicide mission. And we are sure that this has robbed you of sleep on many a night. The fact that you are founding or have founded a company despite this is what sets you apart. We need such role models. Because let’s not kid ourselves: Times will become even more turbulent and the quality of dealing with uncertainties will gain in importance. At this point, we would also like to thank the coaches of the Andersberater*innen who, like midwives, shape such processes and steer them in the right direction.

And thank you for your thirst for discovery!

Moving forward is not always easy, because it often goes hand in hand with the feeling of being lonely or tilting at windmills. Those at the forefront are also watched very closely and that is certainly not always pleasant. But it is part of the entrepreneurial spirit and actually also part of our DNA, because otherwise we would not be where we are today. So don’t be discouraged, but keep moving forward.

The Andersberater team wishes you a very merry and peaceful Christmas. Get off to a good start in 2024, which will be a lucky year according to Christian symbolism, because the number 8 (here as the sum of the squares) stands for a new beginning and a happy start. Realizing this together is a wonderful prospect. We will be back for you from 02.01.2024.