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We would like to continue our marketing series here on the blog and go into a little more detail about inbound marketing, because it has become a significant strategy that is now used by almost all companies.

Inbound Marketing ist eine Marketingstrategie, die sich darauf konzentriert, potenzielle Kunden durch relevante und nützliche Inhalte anzuziehen, anstatt sie direkt anzusprechen. It’s about attracting attention in a natural way and helping clients solve their problems. Basically, you guide them through the whole buying process by adding value until they are ready to make a purchase decision. What may still sound a little abstract becomes clearer when we take a closer look at the most important elements of inbound marketing.

What is the composition of inbound marketing?

Conent Marketing

One important aspect is the so-called content marketing. This includes creating and distributing relevant and useful content. What we do here is one of them. This means that we actually offer coaching for founders, but we keep this blog in order to offer added value and perhaps convince clients to book our services. Besides blog articles, these include e-books, white papers or videos on TikTok or Instagram.

Online Marketing (SEO)

We had already talked about this point in an earlier article. SEO is the process of optimising content for search engines to ensure that the site can be easily found by potential customers.

Social media

Using social networks to share content and direct potential customers to your website is now standard practice for most businesses. By interacting with potential customers, you can gain their trust and draw their attention to your range of products or services. But be careful – this communication should also be done very carefully so as not to alienate customers or, in the worst case, to incur a shitstorm. Many companies today have influencers working for them in addition to their own communication via social networks.


Email marketing is more of an old-school method to inform potential customers about news and offers and to lead them to your website. By the way, sending unsolicited e-mails is not permitted. So you need consent and that brings us to the next strategy:

Lead generation and lead nurturing

Lead generation includes creating offers such as eBooks, webinars, free tools etc. to get potential customers to leave their contact details and thus have the opportunity to contact them later. Lead nurturing is then the cultivation and development of the relationship with these same potential customers.


Inbound marketing, if it is to be successful, requires a long-term strategy and an investment of time and resources. Of course, you don’t have to tick off all the points; in the end, it’s the individual mix that makes the difference. We at .garage Berlin will be happy to advise you on your project.

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