for social organisations

With their diverse services and offerings, social organisations are an important pillar of public services and social cohesion. Around 2 million people work in the social sector throughout Germany.

Non-profit organisations and their employees run daycare centres, youth welfare facilities, carry out neighbourhood and district work and look after disadvantaged people.

At a time characterised by sometimes dramatic changes and crises, these organisations and their employees are under immense pressure to perform and adapt, often facing unique challenges in terms of financing, personnel management and much more.

With their wide-ranging expertise and holistic approach, andersberater:innen make it their mission to offer solutions that are precisely tailored to the needs and challenges of social work in order to make a positive contribution to the strengthening, development and future viability of organisations in this field.

With our offers, we demonstrate our commitment to supporting and promoting organisations with social or societal goals. We help organisations in the social economy to work more effectively and successfully for a better world in the long term.

  • Effectiveness
  • Sustainability
  • with the following focal points, among others: positive leadership, development of sustainable business models, ….

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Managers in child daycare centres, ECEC centres or other child and youth facilities are “communicatively challenged” in many ways: Conversations with employees and teams, parents and relatives, clients and cooperation partners, authorities and donors – nothing works without communication! And if something doesn’t work out, it’s usually due to “poor” or “wrong” or “too little” communication. But what is good and correct communication? How does good communication work in difficult (work) situations? What basics need to be considered and what common communication mishaps should be avoided?

Our workshop provides practical basic knowledge and offers space to try things out and reflect.

Basics of communication (What is communication? verbal and non-verbal communication /
“you can’t not communicate” etc. pp)

  • non-violent communication
  • Conflict/criticism discussions
  • Feedback rules
  • Role-playing games
  • Space for exchange / self-reflection

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A five-day seminar on effective leadership and collaboration

This intensive five-day seminar is aimed at managers and professionals in social organisations who
want to strengthen their leadership skills and successfully manage their organisations, as well as professionals who want to
aspire to a leadership role or want to improve their existing leadership position.

The focus is on the development of leadership skills that are specifically tailored to the particular challenges of
and opportunities in the social sector.

  • Basics of social leadership:
  • Understanding the specific requirements and dynamics of social organisations.
  • Reflection on the ethical and moral aspects of social leadership.
  • Developing leadership competences:Developing leadership competences:
  • Communication and empathy: building strong relationships with employees, clients and other stakeholders.
  • Konfliktmanagement und Entscheidungsfindung: Strategien zur Bewältigung von Herausforderungen in einem Team.
  • Motivation and employee retention: creating a positive working environment.
  • PERMA lead approach from positive psychology
  • 4 practical applications
  • Case studies and group exercises to apply the concepts learnt.
  • Best practices from the practice of successful social leaders.

Seminar format:

  • Interactive workshops, discussions and practical exercises.
  • Exchange of experience and networking with other participants.

Benefits for the participants:

  • In-depth knowledge of social leadership.
  • Concrete tools and strategies for day-to-day management.
  • Increased employee motivation and loyalty.
  • Improved collaboration and efficiency in social organisations.

This seminar offers a unique opportunity to expand leadership skills and shape social work in a sustainable way. Participants are inspired to positively impact their organisations and make a meaningful difference.

Sie kennen das vielleicht vom Sport. Decathletes can be absolute top performers, but the best in their respective disciplines are always specialists. For this reason, we do not have one person who deals with all topics, but rather specialists for each area. We put together a team of top people for you, individually tailored to your needs.
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The organisation of team meetings, assemblies and parents’ evenings has a major influence on the course and
the quality of the results. It is important to ensure that the key topics are discussed, that all perspectives and opinions are taken into account and that quiet and reserved participants (and
nicht nur die “lautesten” und dominantesten Diskussionsteilnehmer) die Möglichkeit haben, ihre Ansichten einzubringen.
At the end, good results should be documented and made traceable. How does it work? Our workshop
introduces the basics of successful meeting organisation and offers space to try out and experiment.

  • Moderation rules
  • Rollen in Gruppen – erkennen und nutzen
  • Umgang mit Hierarchien in Meetings
  • Moderation von Störungen und Konflikten
  • Meeting-Formate und Werkzeuge / „Spiele“, um gut in den Austausch zu kommen
  • Flipchart-Gestaltung
  • Besonderheiten in Online-Meetings

Our coaches have one thing in common. Sie alle lieben es anderen Menschen zu helfen und auf Augenhöhe zu coachen. Wertschätzung wird bei uns groß geschrieben.
Each of the coaches has specialised areas. Together with you, we will put together the right team for
your individual topics.
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