Culture and creative pilots awarded

Gruppenfoto der Titelträger*innen 2022/23 ©Christina Czybik, bundesfoto GbR

The application phase for the award “Kultur- und Kreativpiloten Deutschland 2023/24” has not yet started. But last year’s culture and creative pilots were crowned. The ceremony in the “Alte Münze” in Berlin was opened by Economics and Climate Minister Robert Habeck, the State Minister for Culture and Media, Claudia Roth, spoke and overall it was an evening of really cool ideas.

Creative entrepreneurs in Germany are highly innovative and very imaginative – we need them for our society and for the economy as a whole. With the award, we want to support the creative new generation on their entrepreneurial path and honour the young entrepreneurs for their courage and wealth of ideas”. SThis is how Brigitte Zypries, then Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, put it in 2014. The award and the associated programme had been launched four years earlier. Since then, it has enjoyed great popularity among creative founders. After all, it is a wonderful opportunity to raise the potential of one’s own company to a new level.

Why Culture and Creative Pilots?

There is, of course, a background to the fact that this industry in particular receives such a significant award and appreciation. At the 2019 event, Peter Altmaier called the diversity of the cultural and creative industries the “icing on the cake” that adorns a highly developed national economy. Furthermore, he emphasised that it makes the national economy more resilient and future-proof. Because the cultural and creative industries use potentials that more conventional industries often pass by.

Who are the Culture and Creative Pilots 2022/23?

The Pilot Mission

The cultural and creative pilots of the past years have proven it: With creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, they find answers to the challenges we face today. They are designers, musicians, filmmakers, artists or work as visionaries in other creative industries. What they have in common is the will to bring something into the world that benefits and helps other people or society. Or, as Claudia Roth put it: “The cultural and creative pilots assume social responsibility as courageous and enthusiastic entrepreneurs. They stand for diversity, innovation, digitalisation and, above all, social awareness.”

What awaits the award winners?

Once a year, 32 creative enterprises from all over Germany are awarded. According to the organisers, “Kultur- und Kreativpiloten Deutschland” is much more than an official award. For the title holders, it is the beginning of a shared story. Over the course of a year, they take part in several workshops together and meet personalities who share their stories with each other in order to help each other grow as entrepreneurs. Exchange of experience is a top priority. In addition, those who have received an award are assigned two mentors who are available as sparring partners throughout the year. They reflect on the ideas, provide food for thought and look at the next steps with the award winners.

Who is behind it all?

The award is organised by the u-institut für unternehmerisches Denken und Handeln e.V. It is sponsored by the Federal Government’s Cultural and Creative Industries Initiative, which is supported by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection and the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

So – if you have a great idea or run an innovative cultural or creative enterprise, why not subscribe to the newsletter so that you don’t miss the application deadline for the new call for entries? Regardless, it’s really worth visiting the homepage and taking a look at the title winners from previous years.

Image rights: Group photo of the 2022/23 title holders ©Christina Czybik, bundesfoto GbR

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