Irina Alexandra

Coachin Irina Tarasova

Your area of specialization:
(Your focus)

Supporting early stage entrepreneurs (especially in creative and ‘helping’ areas) to ensure they have a strong internal foundation to build on by being clear about the purpose of their business:

  • find their unique selling point at the interface between their authentic self and what is needed on the market.
  • Clarifying the question of who your ideal customer is and how you can approach them.
  • Gain self-confidence to know what they have to offer and charge accordingly.
  • Create a plan and structure that works for them.

Werdegang: (Career)

Maths and economics teacher at a university for expats who want to study in Germany ->
Full-time waiter in a rural Bavaria ->
Career ladder in a Fortune 500 company ->
Business Coach & Trainer

Your “signature” as a coach/counsellor:
(Your signature as a coach)

Calling out your bs but in the most compassionate way

What are you particularly happy about in your work as a coach/consultant?
(What do you most enjoy in your job as a coach?)

Watching people pursue their dreams and achieve or be more than anyone (including themselves) would have thought possible.

What should not be missing on your perfect day?
(What does your perfect day have to have?)

Sport, learning something new, meaningful connections… and good food 🙂

Your favorite quote:
(Favorite quote)

“It takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place.
If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!” – Lewis Carrol

What distinguishes you as a person (in 3 words):
(Describe yourself in 3 words)

Curious, amiable, searching

Your favorite place:
(Your favorite place)


What advice do you give to your coachees?
(What’s one piece of advice you give to your coachees?)

Slow down to speed up