Anne Büttner

Your area of specialization:

Text and storytelling


As a copywriter and storytelling coach, I show you how to become visible you’re your story authentically and confidently.

Since my first visit to the cinema, the magic of storytelling has never left me. Storytelling makes me feel like I can go out into the world and see it a little differently. With your story, you too can showcase the world what you want to your customers!

Everything you need is already inside you – your personality and story. Your business’s story can help make a difference in the world, while still staying true to yourself.

What are you most excited about in your work as a coach?

I am always thrilled to see how much energy and passion the founders have for bringing their ideas into the world. It gives me great pleasure to support them on their journey and to accompany them into the light.

What should not be missing on your perfect day?

Sun. A good book. A good movie. Pen and paper. A rock or a climbing gym.

Your favorite quote:

“Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’ll be right either way.”
Henry Ford

Your favorite place:

Too many…

What advice do you give to your coachees?

Start before you feel “ready” and get out there. Because then you can really make a difference.