From dissatisfaction to freedom: your path to self-employment

Ein Mann springt vor einem blauen Himmel über einen weißen Zaun. Das Bild wird mit Freiheit assoziiert.

Especially as you get older, questions about the right path in life and your own professional destiny become more and more important and need to be answered. But what if the answer to this search does not lie in a traditional employment relationship, but rather in self-employment?

Anyone entering the world of work today can hardly imagine that there was once a time when people got through life with one job or occupation. Today’s working world, on the other hand, is fast-paced and characterised by the fact that people are increasingly looking for fulfilment in their jobs. If they don’t find them, dissatisfaction sets in. Many resign internally, but at the same time feel trapped.

The unpleasant acquaintance with dissatisfaction

Job dissatisfaction can have many faces. It often manifests itself in a constant feeling of emptiness, a lack of motivation or the inability to identify with one’s own work. At times like these, the thought of change becomes ever louder and the question of whether there is a more fulfilling way forward arises. And it is justified, because many people are often underchallenged in their jobs or work in places where their skills are not utilised at all. It is not always pleasant to feel this, but it offers the opportunity to rethink your own career.

The role of openness and courage

However, the decision to change something requires openness and courage. Openness to reflect on your own needs and wishes, and courage to take the step towards change. It’s about realising that dissatisfaction is not destiny, but a wake-up call to set out and look for new opportunities.

That’s why it makes sense at this stage to draw up a skills list and talk to friends or acquaintances about what strengths and potential they see. People are often trapped in their own role models or don’t have enough confidence in themselves. An outside perspective can be a great support here.

Self-employment as an alternative

The path to self-employment can be a promising alternative to an unfulfilling employment relationship. This is not just about the freedom to organise your own working day, but also about the opportunity to turn your creative ideas and individual strengths into reality. Self-employment means taking responsibility for your own success and having control over your own professional future.

Of course, this is not a sure-fire success, but needs to be well thought through. Anyone who shies away from risks and has a great need for security is probably not suitable for this step. On the other hand, there are also ways to circumvent your own uncertainty by outsourcing tasks for which you don’t have the skills yourself.

The path to independence

That’s why the step into self-employment requires not only courage, but above all thorough planning and consideration. After all, it’s about more than just knowing your own capabilities. The agenda includes developing a realistic business idea, weighing up risks and planning liquidity and profitability. The andersberaterInnen can offer valuable support.


Job dissatisfaction is not necessarily an end point, but can rather be a beginning. Although the path to self-employment requires openness and courage, it also offers the opportunity to take your own professional happiness into your own hands. In the freedom of self-employment, individual talents can be developed and professional dreams realised. It’s never too late to find your own way and have the courage to make a change.

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