Karolin Rist

My specialization – My passion

My focus is branding and web design for solopreneurs and startups that start small and gray, but think big and green.

The development of a website takes us through several exciting stages. Thereby I support and develop in the individual depth you need. At ANDERSBERATER/INNEN,we usually start with the website conception. For this basic step, I provide you with an online workbook in advance so that we can move forward quickly and confidently. Your positioning will be sharpened communicatively, a visual guiding idea will be developed, the menu will be worked out, functions will be defined – always from the perspective of your target groups. Based on the concept, I will guide you step by step to build your website in WordPress (Divi Builder) or in WIX. In addition, we define important keywords and make other basic on-page SEO settings. Side by side, your unmistakable brand face is created on the web. With a little celebration in the air, it may then be said: “Hello world!”

My signature – My experience

When working with you, I see myself as:

My career – My expertise

On the one hand, my expertise is based on extensive experiential knowledge in online communications, which I have acquired over the past eight years, both during several professional stints in the private and public sectors, at home and abroad, as well as through volunteer work. My employers have included: GVL, Quadriga Media, DAkkS, Mynewsdesk, German Embassy Pretoria, Goethe-Institut Kolkata, UNESCO Bangkok, F.A.Z., Deutsche Welle Bonn, Viertelkultur e.V..

On the other hand, my competencies are based on profound professional knowledge, which I acquired through my Bachelor’s degree in Media Management and a Master’s degree in Communication Management (PR).

With the start of my successful self-employment in 2020, digital brand building – narrative, sustainable & resonant – is my whole professional dedication. Constants in my life are:

  • Continuous education
  • A natural connection to everything that stimulates the mind and delights the senses.
  • A strong interest in my surroundings

From the inner feedback with the outer current on the experienced also my works win: From the honest interest in the change of perspective, from the stimulation of my imagination, from the recognition of the narratives behind it. I have been working and living in Berlin since 2014.

My life motto

“How can I know what is good and the right thing to do until I have seen and tested it.”

Your favorite place

I feel comfortable with a good connection to myself and the people around me almost everywhere. But if I get to choose: Woods.

Sushi or Pizza?

Well with pizza you can already get an enjoyable “Mhmmm” out of me.

What should not be missing on your perfect day?

Good conversations. Good air. Good work. Good food.

Sea or the mountains?

If only the Alps were on the South Sea….

Sweet or salty?

Rather salty. But sweet makes the morning all the more beautiful.